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Well, many who know me, might have observed that, time and again, I keep mentioning that my life has been a series of miracles. I have very strongly believed and observed that whenever you want something strongly,genuinely, nature has a way of making things fall in place to give it to you.In my case this has held good 100% so many times. This is what Sharukh says in a much filmy way in Om Shanthi Om – “Kehte hai agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho toh poori kaaynath tumhein usse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai” . There are other variations of this saying too – world is like an Alladin’s magic lamp, belief takes you there etc.

One of such many miracles which I realized recently.

From past few days, now that my Non-IT life is nearing its second year anniversary, I have been contemplating about my journey till now. In the past, many times I have thought that I would have taken a teacher’s job, if I was not aspiring to become an actor.During my student life, I always looked up to my teachers, respected them and also loved their job very much. I feel its a very cool profession – interacting with students, helping them choose their career paths, inspiring them , setting an example for them, being responsible for what they become in life.( well I am talking about such dedicated teachers because of whom I am what I am today). But then I was more passionate about acting, so chose to concentrate on that. Recently while I was thinking about it all, I realized that I quit IT industry on September 5th,2014 which is teacher’s day and then I have merged two of my strong passions – one film making and the other – teaching and have become a teacher for film making ? ? . I realized this only recently. Some might call this coincidence, but I like to call it a miracle and this is just one of the many miracles I have experienced.

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you all that on the eve of our 20th film making workshop, we have entered into corporate arena too.We will be conducting film making seminars in few of Bangalore’s corporate companies this week. This is in association with YES foundation.

We started with the first one today in DTDC office. Well, what a solid timing for this opportunity. So again my belief of the above saying is strengthened.Feeling truly blessed. This is just the beginning though ?

Orangekannadaka Vihaan

An Ex-IT guy turned national level award winning film maker from Bangalore.I am also a dancer/actor/writer and an editor. I Run an Ad-film company called Goldenagefilmhouse. After 5 years in the IT industry , I turned the most important love of my life - 'film making' into my profession and I love it even more now. Apart from films , I enjoy books,watching different kinds of talents perform, listening to the life stories of inspirational people,spending time with best friends, travelling , working out , singing and the list goes on.

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