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I have read a lot of blogs in the past and have been thinking for almost few months now to start my blog but never really got the push to do it , because of the same fears that haunt every person who tries to put a pen on a blank page.I am not a trained writer and to be honest I hated writing even in my exams ?

But yesterday an incident happened which gave me the required push to start my blog.

* yes I am calling my diary as my buddy ?

I have heard a lot about the advantages of maintaining a personal diary where you write about your day-to-day activities and experiences , say in a page or two every night.So this new year I had made a resolution to start writing a diary.I promptly started writing a page in my diary every night from Jan 1st .But just a week later I started running out of things to write in the diary,started feeling bad and bored because there was not much excitement in the day to day activities.It was the time when my sister’s wedding preparations were going on.I being a film maker had promised to make her a different kind of wedding video, a first of its kind actually where her story – from meeting the guy to marrying him is written as a song and the couple become the actors for the video.But I was not able to write. I had chosen the language for the song as Hindi and given my Hindi is not so great, I was struggling to come up with lines for the song.Felt bad to write about this struggle again and again in the diary.So by the 8th day I stopped writing the diary and moved on. Anyway, in the last two months, I had managed to somehow come up with lyrics for the song, we shot the video , now post production is going on , the video is almost nearing the release and I feel pretty happy with the output.So yesterday, when I accidentally opened this diary and read my last entry dated Jan 7th 2015, the day where I was still struggling to come up with lines for the song I had this amusing and amazing feeling. Today it’s already been a week since we have released the first poster of the song and the song video will be releasing in probably next two weeks.So looking at this entry in the diary made me to contemplate the entire journey,where I started from nothing in hand to a product which I feel happy about today, in the last two months.It was a fantastic feeling to observe this journey.This has motivated me to resume my diary writing habit again and also it has given me the required drive to start my blog. So this is my very first attempt at blogging and I plan to write at least one article a week going forward.

What am I gonna write about?

Well to answer this question,people need to know more about me. To put it very briefly , I am an engineer turned film maker currently running an Ad film company called goldenagefilmhouse. I am also into training people mainly engineers like me in film making.Some of our ads and short films have won awards at national and international level.I will do a detailed introduction about myself in my next blog. My blogs are mainly gonna talk about film making,my personal journey from an engineer to a full-time film maker.And also some important and some interesting aspects of life seen from the eyes of Vihaan,the person and Vihaan,the storyteller/film maker.I hope this will be useful for people aspiring to become successful film makers/story tellers.I am pretty sure that I am going to succeed in my film making journey , so in the worst case scenario, even if no one reads this blog still it will be an amazing reminder for me as to how big things start from nothing and with time become big ? :).

Soon, will be sharing my next blog titled “My journey into the world of films as Keerthi,How Infosys changed me to Keerthi Natarajan and how films changed me to Vihaan”.

Since this is my first attempt, definitely there are gonna be all kind of mistakes and there will be a lot of improvements needed.I am a constructive feedback person.So all your genuine feedback and comments are heartily welcome.Hoping to exchange positive ideas/knowledge and grow together. Cheers ?

Orangekannadaka Vihaan

An Ex-IT guy turned national level award winning film maker from Bangalore.I am also a dancer/actor/writer and an editor. I Run an Ad-film company called Goldenagefilmhouse. After 5 years in the IT industry , I turned the most important love of my life - 'film making' into my profession and I love it even more now. Apart from films , I enjoy books,watching different kinds of talents perform, listening to the life stories of inspirational people,spending time with best friends, travelling , working out , singing and the list goes on.

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